A Positive Language to Self

Hello my readers, happy new week and new month. 

Is it just me? When a difficult situation knocks on the door, it’s usually  ‘why me’ instead of  ‘how can I make this better.’

I have experienced so much of this and I haven’t gone too far. As we start the new month, it’s important to speak a language that speaks kindness, opportunity, abundance in our lives and not limitations. It’s important to express ourselves in ways which encourage forward movement. For example, ‘I can and I will’. 

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When you are fluent in speaking a positive language to yourself, you can form a connection with others who speak it.

Here are some tips to help you implement a positive language to yourself:

• Building a relationship with God – Creating time to read your bible and to seek God in every situation for guidance. 

• Removing toxic people or removing yourself from toxic environments. Living among negative people can only make you feel inadequate and nothing more.

• Being grateful for what you have and be open to receiving good vibrations. When you are grateful, good things will keep coming to your door.

• Believe in yourself, believe in your ability to succeed or make a change in this world.

• Do not dwell in the past, there is only enough room for the present.

• Speak positive affirmations upon your life.

It is the month of love and this can be a great start to show some love for yourself. Do enjoy the journey.

Feel free to share in the comments below a positive affirmation that keeps you going or an affirmation that you want to embody this year and forever more.


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  1. These are practical and are very attainable

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  2. zacthrav says:

    Gratitude and abundance. Your blog post was very timely for me, thank you.

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    1. I’m glad it was. Thank you for reading!


  3. Ezioma Kalu says:

    I do this these days. And it’s helpful.

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    1. Right! Thank you for reading.


  4. Sandy says:

    I get to each morning and spend time with God. On days I don’t do that it’s very difficult to stay positive throughout each hectic day. So my gosh this year for positivity is to start my day with God.

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    1. That’s a good one! Thank you for reading.


  5. These are allnthings I do on a daily, I start my day with God each day, say my affirmations etc and it does help when you start your day right.

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    1. That’s great! Thank you for reading.


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