Self-Care Plan

Hello my readers! Happy new week.

To solidify my previous blogpost on holistic self-care, I created a self-care plan guide to help me and you to put our self-care goals into action. You can access it here (It’s printable if you wish to print.)

This guide includes all of the aspects of holistic self-care, namely mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and physical as categories. There is also a timeline  slot for each category and that is all up to you and how much time you need to achieve a certain goal. And remember to achieve a goal, you need systems and in this self-care plan we have a slot for action steps to achieve your goal and, of course, reflections. 

I am excited about embarking on this journey and to be intentional about taking care of myself. I hope this guide helps you to become the best version of yourself.


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  1. Definitely printing it out
    Thanks a ton for sharing this.

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    1. Yaaaay!
      You are welcome and thank you for supporting❤


  2. Chipo Kay says:

    I did not know I needed this. Definitely taking it with me.

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    1. Thank you! Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hill Study Center says:

    Such a plan is definitely needed especially in the beginning of the year.

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    1. Yes to start your year on a high with the intention to become a better version of yourself.


  4. I will be going back to this!! Have a wonderful week

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    1. Have a great week as well


  5. Thanks for sharing this! Self-care is super important

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    1. Yes it is! Thank you for reading.


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