A Reading Culture: My Experience

Hello my readers! 

I can’t believe that I am talking about books because the old me would never finish a book. I guess the saying ‘never say never’ is true. It all started with reading Robin Sharma’s self-help books, namely the 5am club and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Every page was inspirational and I wanted to know more and try out the practical guides he provided in his books. The most exciting thing about reading Robin Sharma’s self-help books is that I could share small paragraphs/lessons on Twitter and share the knowledge with others. 

And then…Atomic Habits came into play. People recommended the book on different social media platforms and I decided to read the book online, or let’s just say, I chose PDF over a nice hard copy. The sad part is I couldn’t finish the book together with Americanah and Homegoing because my eyes were fighting me. Hard copies save lives.

Took a break, if I can call it that, and the girl started winning book giveaways and the very first book I won was, Turquoise Dreams, an anthology compiled by Samantha Vazhure(All thanks to Mantate). My eyes wanted to feast on it and the texture of the book was everything. It had different stories by different authors. From there, my love for Afrolit grew bigger when I won two novels, ‘We Need New Names’ and ‘House of Stone’. The note that came with those books became my bookmarker and I wanted to read more and more books ( Thank you Rudo). The moment I love the most about having these books is being able to say, ‘that’s my mini library.’

My mini library

Developing a reading culture also comes with some pressures, such as trying to read so many books and reading what’s trending at the moment. I have realised that with books you have genres that you enjoy and you have books that relate to you. I learnt that it’s fine to read a book when you are ready to immerse yourself in it. Having known that, reading was not something that I just did because a certain book is trending, but reading what I enjoy and relate to and Afrolit and self-help books have been my go to and I am looking forward to new interests in the future.

I love that I am reading and gaining more knowledge in the process. It’s been a great development and yes, reading one or two pages is a great start. 


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  1. Qndsn. says:

    I struggle to read, I’m inspired since you are coming from that same struggle. I think I’d read more if I had hard copies, my phone is a whole bunch of distractions when I try reading from it.

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    1. Hard copies save lives😂. Thank you for reading


  2. tcndangana says:

    Reading is therapeutic. I love reading African Literature because it talks about the real issues in our societies. But one self-help book always makes it to the top of my monthly reading list.

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    1. Right! You can relate to the stories and self help books I love them


  3. Onyinye Udeh says:

    When it comes to reading as a whole, I am better at it now than ever.

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    1. Happy for you! Thank you for reading.

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  4. I’ve been a bookworm since a little bambino 💚


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